Spesres offers training solutions that provides savings beyond the standard Learnership offerings, saving your company in the process. 

Spesres reduces the administrative burden each of its clients by running the monthly payroll for the student employees and providing the organisations with a monthly payroll report and the midyear EMP501 information in a flat file format ans soft copy to ensure that each organisation can upload it to their system for the ERP5 recon, saving your company valuable time. 


Participation in the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) enables companies to jump at least one level on their BEE status. 

Through the YES initiative, companies have an opportunity to invest in the career development of South Africa’s youth by providing holistic work experiences. 

These experiences help address the growing crisis of unsustainable youth unemployment levels because work experience provides our youth with the stepping-stone to enter the competitive job market. 

The YES programme is a 12-month contract. Through our structured approach and client network, we can facilitate the adoption of youths into the formal employment market while allowing companies to jump two levels on their B-BBEE scorecard. 


Spesres offers an effective outsources Learnership solution whereby we source and manage unemployed youths on you company’s behalf. 

The learners attend class at any one of Spesres’ 30 training facilities which are conveniently located near their living areas, across South Africa. 

Where necessary, Learners learn via our online learning platform. 

During their 12 months of completing the Learnership, they are provided with practical entrepreneurship training. On completion of the 12-month contract students receive a NQF2 certificate in New Venture Creation.